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The Scorpion Light

The Scorpion Light can attach virtually anywhere. Rafters, table legs, table tops, door frames, bus poles, scaffolding, radiators, head rests, wheel arches, window sills the list is literally endless. The Light Can be powered from low costing Sony NP-F  Batteries as well as mains and now via D-tap. The Scorpion Light can also detached from the super clamp and has a 1/4 inch thread on the base, this means it can attached to a camera making it the most flexible top light on the market.

Product Description



We had one straightforward aim: to reclaim and simplify the over complex world of lighting. Surely, in this day and age, there had to be a system which was intuitive, affordable and high quality? Well, now there is: the Scorpion Light.

• Weighing only 405g, and with multiple attachment points, the Scorpion Light can be attached to anything.

• Using our custom LED technology, the world is transformed into vivid colour: accurate clarity, dimmable 0-100%.

• Constructed with optical grade A stainless steel magnetic barn doors, the scorpion is built to last.

• Take your Scorpion and light anything: powered by NPF batteries or mains A/C.



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