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Bee Rectangular Softbox

The 54 x 72″ Hive Lighting Rectangular Softbox for Bee Plasma Lights is produced by Chimera and offers the simple set-up and durable material that they are known for. Featuring a soft silver interior, this 54 x 72″ light modifier allows the light source to fill the front diffusion screen while still providing an effective beam of light.

Included with each light bank are four poles, a removable internal 1/8 grid baffle, one 1/8 grid front screen, and a carry sack. This soft box also has a built in “lip” around the edges to help control light spill. The lip also facilitates the attachment of optional honeycomb grids, fabric grids, and louvers. The softbox requires a Hive Lighting speed ring WPP – 4SR or BPF – 4SR, and will also work with any 6.5″ and 6 5/8″ four point speed rings.

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Bee Rectangular Softbox HIGHLIGHTS & Features

  • Removable Face
  • Removable Baffle
  • Accepts Grids
  • Requires Speed Ring
  • For Bee Plasma Lights
  • Softens and Diffuses Quality of Light
  • Silver Interior
  • Removable Inner and Outer Baffles
  • Accepts Optional Grids


54 x 72″ 54 x 72″ / 137.2 x 182.9 cm




WPP – 4SR or BPF – 4SR Hive speed rings, or any 6.5″ or 6 5/8″ four point speed rings.

Removable Front Face:


Removable Interior Baffle:


Accepts Grids:


Requires Speed Ring:





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